Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Window Tint

Whether it is your home, your business or your car, it is important to consider the benefits of window tinting. No matter how you use it, it can reduce heat, glare and harmful UV rays that come through your windows. There are numerous types of window tinting available on the market, but the highest-quality and most modern is ceramic film. Using small ceramic particle and nanotechnology, ceramic film is able to deliver the highest level of heat reduction and UV light protection, all while providing a clear, distinct view through to the outside.

Ceramic film is the top of the market for a reason. They can repel up to 80 percent of the infrared light which is the heat-causing element of the sunlight. They are also able to reduce nearly 60 percent of the total heat coming through the window altogether, allowing a much more comfortable situation no matter where you have the tint applied. Ceramic film, thanks to its nanotechnology design, is able to provide the clearest, most distinct view. While other types of window films provide a dark view due to the materials and processes used, ceramic film is nearly clear from the inside, providing a high definition view of the outside world without the sun’s glare.

When comparing prices, you will always see ceramic window tinting film being more expensive than other types such as metallic or dyed.

Why is Ceramic Film Worth More?

There are numerous reasons the ceramic film is worth the value including:

  • Best protection from the ultraviolet lights of the sun.
  • Filtering out of heat producing sunlight while allowing the visual light to penetrate through.
  • Provides a clear view through from the inside thanks to its use of modern nanotechnology.
  • Very strong – adds the utmost in protection and strength to your window in the event of it creaking or breaking.
  • Ceramic film is the strongest and most scratch-resistant of any film on the market.

Top 5 Reasons To Tint Your Car

Top 5 Reasons To Tint Your Car

Tinting the car is not just for style purposes but it has, in fact, practical benefits. If you haven’t tinted your car yet, here are the top 5 reasons to do so now:

  1. Car tint repels the heat from outside. Without tint, the car can overheat easily. You will notice that even if you have the sun shade on your windshield, the car can still get so hot especially during summer time. It is just so hard to get inside the car after it has been parked outside for a while. Car tint can reduce heat by up to 50%. It makes the ride more convenient and it cuts down gas consumption.
  2. It makes driving safer. Sunlight passing through the glass can cause glare that can interfere with your driving. Lights from other vehicles can also cause glare. When the car is tinted, it will be safer for you to drive especially during the day.
  3. When car windows break, they usually shatter to pieces but not when they are tinted. The tint serves as temper for the glass. When hit with a force, the glass will break but it will not be shattered to pieces. This offers safety benefit for the driver and car passengers.
  4. The ultraviolet ray from the sun is harmful to the skin. Without car tint, the UV rays can get to your skin and you may have a higher chance to acquire skin cancer. The tint of the car helps block these harmful UV rays by up to 99%.
  5. Without car tint, the car can be so bare. Everything inside the car is easily visible from outside. This is one the major cause of car burglary. The tint helps ensure the privacy of the inside of the car.

These are the reasons why it is beneficial to tint your car. In Frisco, Texas, the sun can have damaging effects on both your car and you and your family, So check out window tint from Frisco, Texas based US Tint Company.


Difference Between Window Tint Films

Difference Between Window Tint Films

While window tinting has a wide range of benefits depending on the application in which it is used, the advantages and characteristics can depend on what time of tinting film is used. Costs can vary depending on the type of film, with dyed tinting films generally being the least expensive, to metallized and ceramic films which are designed to provide the most protection and privacy possible.

Dyed Window Tint Film

Dyed films are often considered to be the most basic and least costly type of film that is used. As the name implies, dyed tinting contains a dyed film which acts as a reflective barrier between the light and harmful rays of the sun and the interior of what is being tinted. This type of tinting film simply reflects the sun’s rays back through the window which stores a good portion of the heat itself. It is important to ensure that the window glass with this type of tinting received a proper level of airflow to dissipate the heat.

Metallized Window Tint Film

Metallized films are created by applying very thin coats of reflective metal to the tint’s film, ensuring a high-level of safety from the sun’s UV rays while being able to maintain some of the thinnest film possible. This is advantageous as it provides advanced safety and privacy, all with minimal limitations of visibility from the inside of the tinted windows. This type is very useful in vehicles in which being able to efficiently see through the windows is important to your safety.

Ceramic Window Tint Film

Ceramic films are at the top of window tinting available on the market. Using modern nanotechnology, the film is thinly coated in ceramic which provides the upmost in protection from UV rays and the heat of the sun. This type of tinting film is generally the thinnest and most effective available, but also will be more expensive than other types of film. Perfect for anyone who desires the highest quality of tinting, ceramic films are also extremely durable and scratch resistant compared to other styles.

Metallized Window Film or Metal Tint

Metalized Window Film or Metal Tint

What is Metalized Window Tint Film?

Choosing which type of window tinting film to use can be an important choice due to the fact that you will most probably have that tint for the lifetime of your car or home windows. You need to make sure that you have a protection which will last and provide proper coverage from the sun’s light for an extended period of time. There are many options, depending on your budget, but some of the best value for your money can be found in the metallized deposit film. These films provide great protection from the sun’s light, as well as having a more scratch-resistant outer layer which also strengthens the window and helps prevent shattering.

It is called metallized film due to the fact that microscopic metallic particles are attached to a layer of the tinting. The film is entered into a vacuum tank of highly-heated metals which then thinly attach themselves to the surface of the film. This nearly-clear layer of film uses the metal to reflect the sun’s light before it is able to pass through the glass.

Metallized Tint Provides Good Protection

Metallized window tinting provides good protection against the sun’s harmful rays and uncomfortable and costly heat. Able to reflect nearly 50% of the heat producing rays which normally go through your glass, the metallized films ensure cooler temperatures within. In your home this will help reduce your utilities bill as less energy will be needed to run the air conditioning unit. In your car it will keep the internal temperature down and allow the air conditioning to maintain a lower, more constant cool much quicker than in un-tinted cars.

Metallized window films are beneficial for a number of reasons including:

  • They have a price which has significantly dropped in recent years.
  • Metallized films are able to reduce harmful sun rays which transfer through your windows
  • These films also reflect heat-causing rays allowing the interior of your car or home to remain cooler
  • They are more scratch resistant and longer lasting than the cheaper dyed films.


Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Tint: What Is It And Why Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

When it comes to reducing heat inside the car and rejecting ultra violet rays from the sun, the obvious solution is to have the windows tinted. There are quite a number of options to choose from in terms of car tint. One that is quickly getting good attention is ceramic tint. What is ceramic tint? Is it really more beneficial compared to regular tint? Is it worth the cost?

Ceramic tint is a non metallic film that is applied onto car windows. It can also be applied on the windshield. It is considered as more effective compared to regular car tints based on a number of factors. First, it allows maximum heat reduction. It can repel heat twice as much as the regular car tint. This will lead to a convenient ride and at the same a major savings on gas. Remember that the A/C of your car is usually the culprit for high gas consumption. Second, it can repel up to 99.9% of the unwanted ultraviolet rays. This can easily be considered as a hundred percent ultraviolet rejection. Third, it allows maximum visibility. The usual problem with car tints is driving visibility at night. This is out of the question with ceramic tint. Because it is very clear, it doesn’t affect visibility. Lastly, unlike other car tints, ceramic tint does not interfere with signals. This means that electronic devices inside the car can be used without worrying about signal interference.

Ceramic tint may cost a bit more than regular tint but looking at its benefits, it is not surprising why many car owners are making the shift to this tint option. It may be considered an extra cost by some but in the end, you can actually save more in using this kind of tint for your car. You will be able to gain a long term savings on gas consumption.

Benefits of Vehicle Window Tint

Benefits of Vehicle Window Tint

In addition to the visual aesthetics of having your vehicle’s windows tinted, there are also a wide range of practical benefits. From safety and privacy to heat reduction and the quality of your car’s interior, tinting your vehicle’s windows will help ensure the safety of you, your passengers and your property.

The effects of the sun’s glare can be a serious hazard while driving. With the ability to temporarily blind you depending on the position of the sun, un-tinted windows make the danger of not being able to efficiently see the road and other cars very real. Properly tinting your vehicle’s windows can reduce the glare of the sun ensuring a safer driving experience for you and the other vehicles on the road.

Additional Vehicle Window Tint Benefits

Un-tinted windows also make the contents in your vehicle much more visible from the outside and can make you significantly more prone to theft. Most criminals who break into vehicles are often opportunistic and only will break in if valuable objects are easily visible. Window tinting makes it much more likely that criminals will pass by your vehicle in order to find one that much more obviously flaunts its interior contents.

In summertime and places where heat is a concern, tinting your vehicle’s windows can ensure that the interior stays much cooler while parked. Not only is this heat uncomfortable when you go to enter and start your vehicle, but it can also be damaging to your heat-sensitive property. In addition to the heating rays of the sun, its harmful UV rays can also penetrate non-tinted windows and cause the seats, dashboard and other parts of the vehicle to fade and crack from extended exposure. Tinted windows reduce or eliminate the amount of the sun’s UV rays that pass through the window ensuring the long-lasting quality and integrity of your vehicle’s interior.


Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Many people are guilty of overlooking the benefits of tinting their home windows, opening them to a wide variety of problems.  Having your home’s windows tinted has a myriad of benefits including a reduction in air conditioning costs, privacy, protection from the fading of the sun’s UV rays and safety from broken or shattered glass.

Un-tinted glass in your home allows unfiltered UV rays from the sun to enter your home which can cause a plethora of problems. One of the most expensive is the fact that unfiltered light causes the temperature in your home to heat up very quickly.  This will force you to run your air conditioning much harder and more frequently in order to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. You will notice this problem every single month in your utility bill. Window tinting will prevent this UV light from entering your home and help you cool your home with less effort and expense. Tinting your home’s windows also prevent the sun’s UV rays from fading and discoloring stationary carpets and furniture which are constantly, day after day, subject to the brutal effects of the sun’s light.

Additional Residential Window Tinting Benefits

Tinting the windows in your home also provides privacy from neighbors or those passing by your windows. Whether you are concerned with your personal privacy or the safety of your property and possessions, a professionally tinted window makes it much more difficult for people to see into your home, ensuring you the most privacy possible.

Standard, un-tinted windows are also a danger to your safety from breaking and shattering.  A properly applied tint makes sure that in the event that your window is broken, harmful shards of glass are safely held in place rather than dangerously strewn around your home. Where normal, un-tinted windows would leave a large mess in the unfortunate case that they were broken, window tinting protects the glass from spreading and holds it safely in place until it can be replaced.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

The Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

In commercial applications, window tinting has a wide variety of benefits. No matter what type of commercial setting you are in, whether a staffed office building, retail store or professional office, commercial window tinting can reduce your company’s utility costs, ensure the comfort level of light for employees and customers, and protect items such as merchandise or furniture.

Window tinting can be beneficial in the reduction of your company’s utility costs by reducing the workload of your air conditioning system during peak sunlight hours. Strong UV rays from the sun easily penetrate standard windows and can quickly raise the temperature inside of your business. This forces your air conditioning system to work in overtime to ensure you maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. This can be an even larger problem for businesses with heat-sensitive equipment or merchandise. Commercial window tinting is able to block the specific UV rays that cause your building to heat up, making sure that you maintain a steady, cool temperature without the extra, expensive work of your cooling system.

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits to Customers or Employees

Commercial window tinting can also make the working and shopping experience much more pleasant for employees and customers. Not only will un-tinted windows cause the people in your business to feel the effects of the sun’s heat, but they will also allow glare of the sun’s light into your building. Depending on the nature of your business, this blinding glare can not only be uncomfortable, but also sometimes dangerous. With window tinting reflecting much of the light aimed at your windows, you are able to ensure a comfortable working environment.

The sun’s UV rays can also cause damage to the furniture and merchandise within your business. Unfiltered light coming through the windows can cause fading and discoloration of nearly any stationary surface. Although this is not something that will happen overnight, it is a serious concern for any commercial setting that has items (such as furniture or display merchandise) that is subject to sunlight for an extended period of time without moving. Commercial window tinting can filter out the harmful UV rays from the sun ensuring your property and products maintain their quality for the long-term.

Use Graphic Wrap as a Decorative Mural

Use Graphic Wrap as a Decorative Mural

Businesses want to have an attractive environment both for their staff and customers. Most of the time, budgets won’t allow for commissioned painters to create a custom look for a wall mural. Paint is cheap, but an artist’s time is not. Then there is the problem of change. What if you want to change the look of your business’ interior to capture the mood of the season or perhaps a certain holiday? Graphic wraps can fit the bill.

Graphic wraps are not limited to vehicles or store fronts any more. Depending on the surface that the mural will be attached, business owners are using custom graphic wraps as decorating alternatives. The possibilities for decorative wall wraps are as endless as you or the designer’s imagination. At US Tint Co, if you can dream it, most likely, we can do it.

How and where are wall graphic wraps used?

Graphic wall wraps can be placed behind customer entry lobbies, on restaurant kitchen walls, in the waiting areas of medical clinics, veterinarian offices and even in your staff break room. A cheerful environment inspires productivity and promotes a happy, healthy mood amongst your employees. All you need to do is have even the germ of an idea to present to the graphic wrap designer. He or she will take your ideas, improve where necessary and show you a digital draft for inspection.

From conception to installation, just like our motor vehicle or residential window tints, our graphic wall wraps are custom designed exactly to suit your needs. We can make almost any type of visualization you can think of. The caveat here is the surface it must go on should be flat and smooth.

Some other business categories which have successfully used wraps are, believe it or not, schools. Who do you think puts the logos of team mascots onto the floor of the gymnasium? Whatever the industry, there is a graphic wrap out there for everyone. What’s yours?